Panasonic Multi-layer Materials

Panasonic Electronic Materials is a definitive example of a technology innovator. The company has a solid technology roadmap and has set the standard for high-speed, low-loss and thermally robust substrates. Panasonic’s MEGTRON series of Multi-layer PCB systems represent a “bullet-proof” solution for today’s designers.

Flexible Materials

Flexible Circuit Material Solutions by Panasonic, designed to meet the demanding high performance and reliability requirements for commercial, industrial and consumer markets. [more info]

Kingboard Laminates

Jinzhou Precision Carbide Tools

By controlling and optimizing each manufacturing step from raw material procurement to the finishing inspection, Jinzhou produces the world’s highest quality drills and routers.

Entry and Backup Materials

ELPEPCB Printed Circuit Coatings

The complete range of Printed Circuit Coatings that meets the highest demands in PCB manufacturing. [more info]