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Matrix Building
Matrix was established in 1977 with the objective of providing quality raw materials to the North American Printed Circuit Board industry. With over 100 associates, the Company is ready to serve its customers’ JIT requirements. The Technical Support Teams have experience in every PCB manufacturing process. Our motto is simple: “Quality Products, Dependable People”.

Matrix Electronics has four separate autonomous Products Divisions specializing in Laminates, Chemicals, Carbide Tools and Imaging Products. Each of these Divisions is managed by an Industry Expert.

The company also provides “value added” services, including sheeting, tooling and embossing the various raw materials used in the PCB industry.

All fabrication, storage and documentation meet the requirements of DESC 13949 (Defense Electronics Supply Center) and IPC4101. The company is also listed under UL file E337267.

The Matrix facilities are licensed by federal and regional agencies to store and handle hazardous chemical products (Ministry of the Environment, A220146).

As a further commitment to quality, our products are processed at Matrix in a plant whose Quality Management System is certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2015.

Key Messages


Hideshi Makino
Director, CBM

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Robert Berg
Director, Flexible Circuit Materials

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Luo Chunfeng
General Manager,

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Edson Bosetti
Product Manager,
Carbide Tools

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Fabienne Bozet
Circuit Foil

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ANAB Accredited
PCBAA Member

Mission Statement

Quality Products, Dependable People


  1. Matrix will be the preferred supplier of quality products, services and equipment to the North American Printed Circuit Board industry, and will meet its Customers’ expectations.
  2. Matrix is committed to training and empowering our employees, as our premier resource, and to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace.
  3. We at Matrix are committed to growth, while striving for continuous quality improvement in every part of our business.
  4. Matrix is committed to making our Principal’s technical expertise available to every customer.