Ultra-low Loss, Highly Heat Resistant Circuit Board Materials

Designed for high-speed communication network equipment such as routers and switches, MEGTRON 8 multi-layer circuit board material features the industry’s lowest transmission loss. This contributes to larger capacity and higher-speed data communication and may reduce power consumption because of the lower transmission loss.

The MEGTRON 8 family supports 800GbE used for next-generation high-speed communication technology and offers about a 30% improvement in transmission loss compared to MEGTRON 7.

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Part Numbers

Ultra-Low Df Glass Cloth Type Low Dk Glass Cloth Type
Laminate R-5795(U) R-5795(N)
Prepreg R-5690(U) R-5690(N)


  • Ultra Low Transmission Loss: Dk = 3.1 @ 14GHz, Df = 0.0012 @ 14GHz
  • High heat resistance and reliability, applicable for high-layer count (20+) circuit boards

Test method used for Tg: DMA; Td: TGA; Dk and Df @ 14GHz

Frequency Dependence by Transmission Loss

General Properties

Item Test Method Condition Unit R-5795(U) R-5795(N)
Glass Transition Temp (Tg) DMA A °C 220 220
CTE z-axis α1 IPC-TM650 2.4.24 A ppm/°C 50 50
α2 270 270
T288 (with copper) IPC-TM650 A min >120 >120
Dielectric Constant (Dk) 14GHz Balanced-type
Circular Disk Resonator
C-24/23/50 3.1 3.1
Dissipation Factor (Df) 0.0012 0.0016
Peel Strength 1oz (35µm) IPC-TM650 2.4.8 A kN/m 0.7 [H-VLP3] 0.7 [H-VLP3]