High Reliability, High Tg, FR-4 Multilayer Material

KB-6167F is specifically formulated to withstand increasingly stringent demands of high complexity, high layer, lead-free PCB designs and applications.

This high Tg, multi-functional phenolic cured resin system with inorganic fillers result in high performing PCB structures.

KB-6167F offers very high heat resistance. It is particularly well-suited for lead-free soldering processes.

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Sunil Shah

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  • High Tg (DSC) value of 170-180°C
  • High Decomposition Temperature: >340°C
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Lead-free assembly compatiblity
  • CAF-Enhanced
  • Low Z-axis expansion

Laminate Specifications

Test method used for Tg: DSC; Dk and Df @ 1GHz; Td: TGA