Colenta Film Processors and Silver Recovery System

Committed to Supporting the PCB Industry

Colenta is a world leader in the manufacture of film processors, offering a choice of several models for the PCB industry plus a variety of accessories.

The processors are available in both online and offline options and incorporate a unique roller transport technology which provides a safe and reliable transfer vehicle for all 0.004″ and 0.007″ sensitized films passing through a series of chemical, washing, and drying stages to produce consistent high quality results.

Phototool Equipment


  • 9 Programmable Processing Cycles
  • All Liquid Level Monitoring
  • All Temperature Monitoring
Model Film Width Tank Capacities (Gal/L)
IL 66 25″ (66cm) 15/18 15/18 12/15
IL 80 31″ (80cm) 17.5/21 17.5/21 13.5/17.5
IL 95 37″ (95cm) 19/23 19/23 15/19


  • Equipment Installation
  • Chemical Setup
  • Film Processor Adjustment
  • Silver Recovery Installation
  • Silver Collection