Message from Kieran


Message from the President, Matrix Circuit Board Materials

Since I started working in the PCB industry in 1989, the very nature of electronic devices and their significance has changed dramatically. Advancements in electronics have made our lives richer and more convenient. 1989 wasn’t that long ago, but since then we’ve seen the advent of smart devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, scalable high-speed routers, robotic surgeries and capsule endoscopies (pill cameras). Today our cell phones have the equivalent of 1.0 million times more processing speed and storage than the VAX mainframes we operated at Western University. For electronic devices to continue evolving at this pace, PCBs must deliver improved functionality and higher-performance.

Modern PCBs and manufacturing techniques will enable designers to maximize the potential of their devices while keeping pace with the ever-evolving commercial demands for speed and miniaturization. Matrix is committed to bringing the Technical expertise of our principals to each of our customers.

Panasonic Electronic Materials is the definitive example of a technology innovator. The company has a solid Technology Roadmap and has set the standard for high-speed, low-loss and thermally robust substrates. Panasonic’s MEGTRON series of MLB systems represent a “bullet proof” solution for today’s designers.

Matrix is committed to making Panasonic Electronic Materials accessible to all of our North American customers; and we now have four Rapid Response Centers to accommodate today’s just-in-time delivery requirements.

Our goal is to be a preferred supplier of quality products and equipment to the North American printed circuit board industry and to exceed our customer’s expectations. We are committed to growth, while continually striving for quality improvement in every part of our business.



Kieran Healy
President, Matrix Electronics Limited