Message from Fabienne


Message from the CEO, Circuit Foil Luxembourg

I am delighted to be addressing the Advanced Copper Foil (ACF) team and their customers as CEO of Circuit Foil – a position which I am extremely proud to hold and consider with the utmost responsibility and dedication.

At Circuit Foil we pride ourselves on providing the best, most advanced, and highest quality ED copper foil to the North American market. With some significant investments over the last couple of years and still ongoing investments in equipment and adding resources, Circuit Foil is striving for improvements in products and services to our customers. This enables Circuit Foil to provide innovative products for high end applications such as high speed digital, microwave, low loss, chip-scale-packaging, flex, foil for battery and smart-card-modules.

With ACF and our service center in Granby, Quebec, we will continue to provide customized service to our customers in the US and Canada.

The vast majority of customers have made an excellent experience when purchasing Circuit Foil products thanks to a distributor agreement between Circuit Foil and Advanced Copper Foil.

You may find additional information regarding our products and services on our website at



Fabienne Bozet
Chief Executive Officer, Circuit Foil Luxembourg


Message from the President, Advanced Copper Foil

ACF is delighted to have Circuit Foil as a Partner; they have over 50 years expertise in producing copper foils for various industries. As their dedicated Value-Added Convertor, ACF will make available these premium quality Cu Foils to all North American PCB and Laminate Manufacturers. Circuit Foil is the leader in Ultra-flat and Ultra-thin foils, as they now produce a 2 micron Cu Foil with no profile. Also, we are proud to utilize Circuit Foil copper exclusively in our Bonded/Supported products, including ACF Screen and ACF 2/3.


Kieran Healy
President, Advanced Copper Foil Inc.