Press Release

September 18, 2023

Matrix Reports Growing Demand for Automated Dry Film Mylar Peeling Equipment

Santa Ana, CA – September 18, 2023 — This past year Matrix introduced the Advanced Engineering PMA101-CPB Mylar Peeler to the North American market. The PMA101-CPB Mylar Peeler is one of the most successful products in this category with over 200 units sold globally. This latest version of the mylar peeler was released in mid-2022 with a fully enclosed cabinet and upgraded PLC to support growing Industry 4.0 requirements in the PCB fab market. This machine can operate as a standalone unit or be combined with Advanced Engineering SRV automated load, unload equipment to connect to a customer’s DES line.

Matrix and Advanced Engineering introduced a demo program to launch and introduce this equipment to the North American marketplace. This demo program allowed the use of the PMA101-CPB at a customer facility for up to 6 weeks to experience the performance firsthand. In one recent trial our customer ran approximately 30,000 innerlayer and outerlayer panels with virtually no mylar peeling issues associated with this machine and has now ordered a new machine and loader for their operation. News of the success and capability of this machine is growing. Currently there is a waiting line for this demo unit.

"Historical performance of dry film mylar peeling equipment has been mixed at best. When we started the promotion of the PMA101-CPB nearly every potential customer stated – “They don’t work, I tried this in the past and it was a disaster”. We are pleased to share the real-world breakthrough performance capability of this machine can provide reliable and consistent day after day performance. We are eager to share this experience with others so they can take advantage of an automated solution to rid of one of the most laborious manual tasks in our PCB fabs," says Bob Berg, VP Business Development and Manager of Matrix Equipment Group.

To learn more about The Advanced Engineering PMA101-CPB Mylar Peeler please visit the Equipment page of the Matrix Electronics website. Please contact your local Matrix Sales Representative if interested in participating in the PMA101-CPB demo program.

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