Press Release

June 12, 2020

Matrix Electronics Expands Flexible Circuit Materials Manufacturing

Santa Ana, CA – June 12, 2020 – Matrix Electronics is pleased to announce the completion of a new larger flexible circuit materials conversion center at its Santa Ana, CA location. This new larger facility will accommodate our growth and improve productivity with state-of-the-art automated processing equipment. The Flexible Circuit Materials Center of Excellence will support the Panasonic Felios polyimide flex, LCP and Matrix Plus coverlay materials.

Bob Berg, Vice President Business Development and Product Manager for the Matrix flex line adds: “The Matrix flex materials business has grown dramatically over the past few years and has outpaced the current conversion center at our Santa Clara, CA location. The market leading Panasonic Felios product line has provided a true performance and value driven option to fabricators in North America. OEM and flex fabricator market acceptance of over the past several years has been exceptional and has driven this dramatic growth. Matrix continues to support the flex materials business segment with our proven business model of large in-stock inventories, quick turn lead times, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support. We look forward to celebrating this new facility with an open house in the Fall with our customers.

About Matrix Electronics

Committed to the motto: “Quality Products, Dependable People“, Matrix was established in 1977 with the objective of providing quality raw materials to the North American Printed Circuit Board Industry. Matrix has four rapid-response warehouses located throughout the US and Canada that fulfill high-quality, fast delivery, and custom orders daily. For more information, please visit