Press Release

January 11, 2019

Matrix to exhibit at IPC APEX EXPO 2019 in San Diego, CA

Santa Clara, CA – January 11, 2019 – Matrix to exhibit at IPC APEX EXPO 2019, to be held on January 29 through January 31 in San Diego, CA.

Matrix USA will be exhibiting its full line of advanced materials and process equipment to support the North American printed circuit board market. Key products include:

PANASONIC MEGTRON FAMILY OF HIGH SPEED LOW-LOSS PCB MATERIALS – The global industry standard for High Speed, Low Loss Multi-layer circuit board materials suitable for large capacity and high speed transmission of high frequency signal for high-end ICT infrastructure equipment, automotive industry and other applications. Featuring the new Halogen Free MEGTRON 6 laminate and prepreg.

PANASONIC FELIOS – Advanced adhesiveless copper clad flex materials designed to meet the demanding high performance and reliability requirements for avionic, commercial, industrial and medical markets. Featuring Felios R-F705S and R-BM17 low loss LCP flexible laminates and bond adhesives to support the growing 5G and medical markets.

ADVANCED COPPER FOIL – Featuring new arsenic free copper foils from Circuit Foil to support growing global requirements and the ACF2 and ACF3 aluminum supported ultra-thin and HVLP copper foils for the latest multilayer designs.

PERFECT POINT PRECISION DRILL TOOLS – Featuring the new patented Carbonite specialty coated hybrid single flute drill especially designed for ultra-high tech PCB designs.

SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENTHAKUTO cut sheet laminators, the MATRIX EC24 electrostatic cleaner and A&E automated handling equipment will be on display.

Matrix and Panasonic personnel will be available at Booth 733 to discuss the features, benefits, and advantages of these circuit board materials, equipment and value-added services.

About Matrix USA Inc.

Committed to the motto: “Quality Products, Dependable People”, Matrix was established in 1977 with the objective of providing quality raw material to the North American Printed Circuit Board Industry. Matrix has four rapid response warehouses located throughout the US and Canada that fulfill high quality, fast delivery, and custom orders daily. For further information visit: