Press Release

March 19, 2018

Matrix Introduces New Automation Solutions to the NA PCB Fabrication Business

Toronto, ON – March 19, 2018 – With the new Advanced Engineering (AE) partnership, Matrix is now well positioned to offer a variety of automation solutions for PCB fabricators.

Fred Long, Business Development Manager, says: “For some time now, we have believed that the best path forward for PCB fabrication companies is to automate in-plant processes to increase yields and productivity. The increasing demands for fine-lines, layer registration, and HSLL MLB systems are making automation essential. The benefits are substantial. Simply stated, we are focusing on the concept of No-Touch panel handling for our fabrication partners.”

Matrix has recently assembled an equipment offering to provide companies with both entry level and highly sophisticated custom automation solutions. The introduction of this new digital equipment, now provides the fabricator with capabilities that have been unattainable since the inception of PCB manufacturing. In Q1, 2018, Matrix will be announcing an aggressive plan to offer digital automation solutions to the North America PCB industry which will center around the capabilities of the AE panel handling systems.

Solutions include the latest Robotic Load and Unload Panel equipment for both Stand-alone and In-Line Processes.

  • Cleaning Panels before Dry Film, AOI, and Direct Imaging
  • Pre-clean & Laminate
  • Clean and Expose
  • Peel Dry Film and Expose
  • Pell Dry Film and DES
  • Solder Mask

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