Press Release

December 15, 2017

Panasonic and Matrix Complete Outgassing Tests for Flex Materials

Santa Clara, CA – December 15, 2017 – Matrix Electronics is pleased to announce that Panasonic Flex materials and Matrix Flex Coverlay materials have passed the ASTM E595-15 Outgassing Test. The part-numbers in included in this certification include:

R-F775 & R-F770 Panasonic Felios Flex Materials
MCL Matrix Coverlay
MBP Matrix Bond Ply
MAP Matrix Adhesive Ply
FR MCL Flame Retardant Matrix Coverlay
FR MBP Flame Retardant Matrix Bond Ply
FR MAP Flame Retardant Matrix Adhesive Ply

Bob Berg, Matrix VP Sales states: “Many of our customers make flex circuits that go into space applications, and a key test to qualify materials in space is the ASTM E595-15 Outgassing Test. This is a very stringent requirement and passing this test ensures that Panasonic Flex and Matrix Plus Coverlay materials qualify for applications used in the deep vacuum of space.”

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