Press Release

March 7, 2016

Matrix to Show New PCB Drill Tools at IPC Vegas

After a 10 year partnership with Jinzhou Precision Technology Corp. the relationship is paying increasing dividends for both Matrix and its customers. Jinzhou, is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Precision Carbide Tools. Their expertise and continuing development of State-of-the–Art tools addresses the hole-wall quality and micro drilling registration, needs of the new generation High Speed Low Loss laminates.

Matrix encourages customers to visit Booth 247 at the IPC/APEX Show, March 15-17 to see and discuss with their engineering staff the many varieties of drill application tools; Hybrid Single-Flute, Undercut and Standard, Anti-fracture Routers, and Pilot and Back Drills.

New for 2016 will be the Hybrid Single-Flute Drill designed for drilling high aspect ratio and heavy copper content PCB’s. This tools provides improved registration, less breakage, reduced need for pilot drilling, lower number of pecks, and excellent hole-wall quality.

Combine with the two Perfect Point Repointing Centers in Toronto, Canada and Santa Ana, California, Matrix provides the full service for all PCB manufacturers. Both facilities are equipped with the identical automatic sharpening/AOI and ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Hybrid Single Flute Drill Hybrid Single Flute Drill

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Hans Vandervelde


Edson Bosetti