Press Release

March 2, 2016

Hakuto and Matrix to Display New Dry Film Laminator at IPC APEX EXPO 2016

Hakuto Mach 630NP/6630NP
In June of 2015, Hakuto introduced the innovative 630NP dry film laminator at the JPCA Show in Japan. Today, it has completed its North American trials and is ready for the market.

The machine will be on display at IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas, which will be held form March 15-17. Customers will now be able to see the new state-of-the-art dry film laminator first-hand.

Fred Long, Business Development Manager at Matrix, said, “The ultimate and true value of this machine will not be fully discovered for some time. Customers will immediately see higher yields due to the innovative heat and pressure module but ongoing experience with the ability to quickly change rubber durometer on various technologies offers exciting new opportunities. For example, new copper surfaces and the use of Flex materials will greatly benefit from this (quick change) capability. Also customers with the new cassette loading system plus the machines new ease of use features will bring a new level of operating efficiency and increased fine line accuracy to the film application process. Our past experience with the high reliability of Hakuto equipment will translate to a much higher ROI for the customer.”

Matrix will be offering two models of the Machine: the Hakuto Mach 630NP (standard machine with all of the new features) and the Hakuto Mach 6630NP (upgrades plus the new film cassette loading option).

Customers are encouraged to come see the many new and innovative features, such as stationary and fixed-film loading bay, new clean enclosures, no hot rolls—rubber lamination rolls can be changed in seconds, easy maintenance, and cassette off-line film loading.

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