Press Release

April 24, 2014

Colenta Joins Matrix Supply Team

Colenta is a leading manufacturer of the finest quality and technically advanced processing equipment for all Graphic, Digital and Conventional Photo, Medical and Industrial X-Ray applications. Based in Austria and with many systems installed in Europe and around the world, Colenta will be positioned at Matrix to provide the very best in PCB Silver Film Processing systems and accessories.

With both AGFA and Colenta as members of the Matrix supply team, customers will be able to rely on a total support capability for their Silver Film process.

Matrix continues to emphasize… AGFA is the only Silver Film supply company that is dedicated to the Printed Circuit Industry – Long Term. In addition to offering their industry leading Silver Film product, AGFA is developing several new products to support the PCB Imaging needs.

Fred Long, New Business Development Manager and co-ordinator of the AGFA and Colenta businesses, says: “Our customers can now attain the very best in Silver Film support – there is no better choice.”

Specifically, Matrix can now manage all aspects of the Silver process; including installations, the supply of Red or Blue Plotter Film, Photoplotter co-ordination, New Film Processors, Silver Recovery Systems, and overall Process Set-up.

In the next three months, Colenta will be offering their new SilverFit 40 Silver Recovery Unit which will provide the customer with the opportunity to defray film costs based on the collection of raw silver from the Film Processor’s Fixer solution.

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