Press Release

January 2, 2014

Jim Kenney joins the Team at Matrix

Matrix is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. James Kenney as Equipment Services Manager. Jim has over 25 years’ experience supporting the PCB industry beginning with National Technology, Circuit Image Systems and now Matrix Electronics.

Jim’s expertise covers many areas of PCB equipment support. In addition to his knowledge of the Hakuto Film Lamination and Exposure systems, he holds six patents relating to the monitoring of PCB manufacturing processes including systems integration and statistical process controls.

Jim will be heading up a new Matrix Equipment Services business which will offer a variety of contract arrangements for customers. PCB companies can now look to Matrix for professional field expertise to provide Preventative Maintenance and Emergency calls for many equipment needs. This new Field support offering will ensure that facilities, equipment and process lines will be thoroughly maintained and ready for optimum operation.

Adding to the already variety of support, Kieran Healy, President of Matrix adds, “PCB fabricators require a number of skills to meet today’s technical challenges and having James on board gives us confidence that our customers will be able to address their equipment needs with the highest level of technical expertise.”