Press Release

January 30, 2014

AGFA assigns Matrix as Distributor

Matrix is delighted to be appointed Distributor for AGFA’s Silver Film Speciality Products. The assigned territory will be the US-West, Canada, and other defined accounts.

Silver Halide emulsion on .007″ polyester base films are specifically designed for the Printed Circuit Board Industry and AGFA has been a world leading supplier for over 30 years. Many companies still rely on the film master and Matrix is well positioned to support the entire process with equipment installation, technical advice, and regular maintenance services. In addition, the product will be stocked at all Matrix North American warehouse locations.

Whether Silver Film is used for Primary Imaging or Solder Mask application, AGFA provides a leading imaging solution. AGFA’s reputation in this field has always been that of a most respected supplier due to the film’s accurate image, flatness, strong mechanical size holding, overall durability, and scratch resistant characteristics.

Matrix continues to grow its offerings with a number of industry leading products, including; solutions for High-End Laminates, Flex Laminates, Aluminium Entry materials, Copper Foil, Drill Bits, Drill Sharpening Services, Rigid Laminates, and now precision Imaging Films. Matrix also distributes Hakuto Imaging equipment as well as supporting a variety of PCB equipment through its Equipment Service Group.

Kieran Healy, President of Matrix adds, “PCB fabricators require a number of products and support offerings to meet today’s technical challenges and having AGFA as our partner gives us confidence that our customers will be able to address their Imaging needs with one of the world’s highest quality films.”