High Reliability Glass Epoxy Multi-layer Materials

Panasonic’s R-1755V is designed specifically for network equipment, servers, routers and measuring instruments and automotive components. The main attributes of R-1755V are: Excellent through-hole reliability, excellent CAF resistance, mid-loss, lead-free soldering ROHS compliant, and high heat resistance. R-1755V meets IPC specification 4101 /126 /97 /98 /99 /101.

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R-1755V Product Shot

Part Numbers

  • R-1755V Laminate
  • R-1650V Prepreg


  • Excellent through hole reliability
  • Excellent CAF resistance
  • Mid loss Df (0.016) @ 1GHz 
  • Lead-free soldering RoHS compliant
  • High heat resistance

Laminate Specifications

Test method used for Tg: DSC; Dk and Df @ 1GHz