Lead-free Compatible… High Speed, Low Loss Multi-layer Materials

MEGTRON 4/4S is designed for Low Dk and High Tg applications, specifically for network equipment, server, routers and measuring instruments. The main attributes of MEGTRON 4/4S are: low dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factor (Dk = 3.8 and Df = .005 @ 1GHz), Lead-Free soldering RoHS compliant, and High Heat Resistance.

MEGTRON 4S is an improved version of MEGTRON 4 with higher Tg, suitable for multi-lamination cycles and hybrid builds. MEGTRON 4/4S meets IPC specification 4101 /91 /102.

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Rick Lovelady

Rick Lovelady

Phone (714) 825-0404 ext.2123

Supply Partner: Panasonic


Part Numbers

  • R-5725 / R-5725S Laminate
  • R-5620 / R-5620S Prepreg


  • Low Dk = 3.8, Low Df = 0.005 (@ 1GHz)
  • Low transmission loss of less than 50% of conventional FR-4
  • Excellent through hole reliability 10 times better than our conventional high Tg FR-4 (T/C)
  • Lead-free, ROHS-compliant soldering
  • High heat resistance

Laminate Specifications

MEGTRON 4STest method used for Tg: DSC; Dk and Df @ 1GHz

Laminate Specifications

MEGTRON 4Test method used for Tg: DSC; Dk and Df @ 1GHz