High Reliability, CAF Resistant, Normal Tg, Flame Retardant CCL

Increasing thermal requirements, especially in automotive electronics, have driven to the successful development of this base material. The excellent thermal resistance, due to a suitable resin system as well as due to a low coefficient of thermal expansion in the z-axis, enable a lifespan up to 1000 cycles at temperature change (-40/+ 125 °C). In addition to that, the mechanical, chemical and moisture resistance properties also all equal or exceed the performance of traditional FR-4 materials.

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  • Low water absorbability
  • Compatible with lead-free assembly
  • Excellent CAF resistance
  • Low Z-axis expansion
  • High thermal resistance and long-term thermal reliability
  • Excellent thermal shock reliability
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Cost-effective solution

Laminate Specs

Test method used for Tg: DSC; Dk and Df @ 1MHz