Routers and Endmills

Diamond Cut Routers

Engineered specifically for machining Phenolic cured and higher technology PWB-type products. These tools are designed to minimize fracturing and extend tool life.

Routers and End Types

High Feed Diamond Cut Routers

Special design cutting tooth array allows high efficiency routing with good debris removal. These tools are suitable for general machining applications.

Chipbreaker Router

These routers are designed with small chipbreakers to provide smooth contours and prevent edge burrs. They are suitable for all peripheral routing applications with high precision requirements.


Single Flute Endmill

These tools are designed with a large chip removal pocket for machining soft materials such as PTFE & Flex.

Double Flute Endmill

Designed with sharp cutting edges and suitable for machining non-ferrous metal-based materials and flexible boards. These tools are also good for routing smooth slots and contours.

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