Coated Tools

Super Hard Diamond Coated (SHD)

SHD coating is suitable for solid carbide drill bits. Currently, the smallest drill diameter that can be effectively diamond coated is 0.25mm (0.0098″). Jinzhou production capacity for SHD coated drills is 14K units per month.

Super Hard Carbon Coated (SHC)

SHC coating is suitable for both drills and routers. There is no limit with respect to diameters that can be coated. Jinzhou production capacity for SHC coated tools is 200K units per month.

  Super Hard Diamond Coated Super Hard Carbon Coated
  • Super high rigidity
  • Significantly reduced abrasion
  • Maintains sharp cutting surfaces
  • Continued high levels of drilled hole quality
  • Long tool life
  • Significantly reduced abrasion
  • Long tool life
    • Drill bits: up to 10x compared to uncoated tools
    • Router bits: from 4x to 6x compared to uncoated tools
  • Abrasive, brittle and soft materials
  • Phenolic cured materials
  • Ceramic
  • Teflon
  • Abrasive materials
  • PCB’s with aluminum heat sinks
  • Aluminum alloy substrates
  • Acrylic materials


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SHD SHC Coated Drills