DuPont Dry Films

High Yield Imaging Materials for Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

DuPont imaging materials are key in the fabrication of printed circuit boards. Fabricators challenged to produce denser and more complex boards choose DuPont for improved product and process solutions.

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Philippe Yee

Philippe Yee

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Photo Films

Riston Dry Film Photoresist

The original dry film photoresist invented by DuPont is the industry standard for high yield, productivity, and ease of use in all imaging applications. Riston-series products meet the industry demands for finer features, higher quality and lower cost in all types of plating and etching applications.

Product Lineup

Inner Layer YieldMaster Series YM300
Enhance yields without loss of productivity.
FX Series FX900
Superior film for fine-line printed circuit boards.
Laser Series LDI500
High speed photoresist especially developed for exposure using UV laser direct imaging.
Outer Layer PlateMaster Series PM200
Industry proven film providing high yields and high productivity for plating of copper, tin and lead.
PlateMaster Series PM300
Next generation fine line copper/tin and copper/solder plating film.
Laser Series LDI7200
Laser direct imaging photoresist For plating applications.
Multipurpose MultiMaster Series MM100
High productivity, easy stripping general purpose resist.
MultiMaster Series MM500
Robust general purpose resist for the most demanding alkaline etch and nickel/gold plating applications.
Gold GoldMaster Series GM100
Photopolymer dry film photoresist for nickel/gold plating applications.
Riston 200 Series
Negative working, aqueous processable dry film photoresist suitable for gold plating applications.
Laser Series LDI7000
Customized for tent and etch processes with 355nm direct imaging equipment.

Vacrel Dry Film Photomask

Vacrel provides environmental protection to the printed circuit boards through its excellent chemical, electrical and mechanical properties. Typical applications are for organic chip carrier, small batches that require fast cycle time, heavy back panels, and boards characterized by high circuit heights.


  • Reliable defect-free coverage of circuit traces, independent of line density
  • Total encapsulation of circuitry when the proper film thickness is applied with vacuum and heat
  • Good adhesion to copper conductor surfaces and substrates commonly used in the printed circuit board industry
  • Excellent flux and solder resistance
  • Reliable tenting of holes
  • Excellent long-term electrical and mechanical properties
  • Meets flammability requirement of UL-94
  • Complies with RoHS directive