AGFA Phototools and Chemistry

Committed to Supporting the PCB Industry

Even with the continuing growth of Direct Imaging, many companies still rely on the Phototool to process their Primary Imaging and Solder Mask boards. With over 40 years in the business, AGFA is the industry leader in PCB Phototools.

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Philippe Yee

Philippe Yee

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  • High Resolving Power
  • Excellent Line Sharpness and Widest Latitude
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Unsurpassed Product Consistency
  • Lowest Chemistry Consumption
Films Exposure Application
RPF Red Laser or LED
2-sided PCB, Multilayers, HDI, lines > 20µm
HPF Red Laser or LED
High resolution work, fine lines > 20µm
OPF Blue/Green Laser or LED
2-sided PCB, Multilayers, HDI, lines > 20µm
Chemicals Type
PDEV Developer
PFIX Fixer
P-D Cleaner Developer Tank Cleaner


  • Inspection
  • Film Product Selection
  • System Cleaning
  • Chemical Setup
  • Film Processor Adjustment
  • Silver Recovery Installation
  • Silver Collection