Felios R-BM17

Panasonic Felios R-BM17 Low Loss Bonding Adhesive for Flexible Circuits

Felios R-BM 17 is a specialty low loss bonding adhesive developed specifically for the Felios R-F705S LCP product line. R-BM17 has lower Dk and Df than LCP materials that enhances the signal integrity performance of a pure package LCP flex circuit design. This easy to use and process material is also suitable for the use in traditional polyimide film based adhesive flex laminates and replaces the higher loss acrylic adhesives normally used in these applications:

  1. Offered as a 25µm (1 mil) free form adhesive sheet. Can be used in multiple plies to build thickness.
  2. Excellent adhesion and flow properties using standard flex manufacturing tools and processes.
  3. Replaces difficult to use low melt point LCP bond plies and laminates in a very traditional polyimide flex type coverlay and bond-ply process.
  4. Low moisture and UL94 VTM – 0 flammability classification.

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Robert Berg

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R-F705S and R-BM17 Package Specification Comparison

Properties Units Condition Pure Package
R-BM17 (8 ply)
R-F705S +
R-BM17 Package
Pure LCP Package R-F705S LCP
Dielectric Constant (Dk) Cavity Resonator (10GHz) As is 2.18 2.85 3.21 2.90
C96/40/90 2.21 2.84 3.22
Dissipation Factor (Df) As is 0.0011 0.0021 0.0020 0.0020
C96/40/90 0.0014 0.0021 0.0022
Flammability UL94V Panasonic VTM-0 VTM-0 VTM-0
Halogen Free IPC Panasonic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water Absorption % IPC TM-650 0.3 0.04 0.04
Lamination Pre-Lamination 130-150°C/20s
none n/a
Lamination 180°C/60 min
180°C/60 min
300°C/30 min