Felios LCP Flex

Felios LCP

Adhesiveless Flexible Laminates

Panasonic Felios LCP Flexible laminates are the ideal choice for flex circuits that require high speed low loss signal requirements or applications requiring resistance to moisture absorption. Typical applications for this material are antenna, millimeter wave radar, RF applications, medical equipment and hybrid circuit designs with rigid low loss materials like Panasonic MEGTRON 6.

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Felios Flex Rolls

R-F705S Product Line

EC Copper Foil

Copper Foil Thickness Film Thickness
oz µm 1 mil
2 mils
3 mils
4 mils
1/4 9
1/3 12
1/2 18


  • Thin flexible circuit materials made with specialty pure LCP films
  • Excellent dimensional stability and superb copper peel adhesion
  • Ultra-low moisture absorption
  • Special low loss EC copper – improved signal integrity with RA copper flex capability
  • Halogen free
  • UL94 VTM-0 rating
  • New Felios R-BM17 low loss bonding adhesive to support multilayer LCP flex designs