SentryBoard HD

SentryBoard HD

The Better Choice in Premium Entry Materials

SentryBoard™ HD is a premium entry material specifically designed for optimum drill centering and hole positional accuracy. Manufactured with a proprietary resin formula, this solution is an excellent choice for very small holes, high layer count, thick panels and HSLL materials. The proprietary formulation provides homogeneous distribution of resin and filler particles to provide a predictable and consistent material.

SentryBoard HD provides exceptional positional accuracy results at a much lower cost. SentryBoard HD also eliminates the need to change entry materials after micro hole drilling that other products require, further reducing costs and downtime.


  • Excellent for positional accuracy
  • Diminishes drill wander
  • Designed for use with all diameters (.10mm – 6.35mm) without breakage or burrs
  • Completely flexible due to proprietary resin system
  • Evacuates as powder during drilling process, significantly reducing heat generation
  • Provides excellent hole-wall quality
  • Superior performance during Back-drill applications
  • Reduces chance of “bird nesting”


Panels are available in standard thicknesses and sizes. Other thickness and size are available upon request.

Standard Thickness Standard Size
0.20mm +/- 0.005 (.008″) 18″ x 24″
21″ x 24″


Material Composition Proprietary
Color Orange
Density 1.04 g/cm3
Warpage < 2%
Hardness (Shore D) 125
Flammability UL94 HB


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Darren Healy

Phone (714) 825-0404 ext.2128

SentryBoard HD