CoolStrike Lubricated Backup Material

Premium Backup Material for Superior Drilling Applications

CoolStrike is a specialized, lubricated drill backing board material that cools, cleans, and lubricates tools during the drilling process. The composite material includes a unique resin system that maximizes drill life while minimizing drill bit temperature.

Highly accurate and predictable, this material provides reduced drill temperatures while minimizing drill wear and heat related drill hole defects. CoolStrike accomplishes this with a unique resin lubricant that reduces hole wall roughness and extends drill life. The resin system offers a low melting point and is water soluble.


The three component construction is comprised of a Premium HDF 0.09″ core for support, a water soluble lubricant resin 0.03″ layer for cooling and cleaning followed by an enhanced resin 0.05-0.075″ layer which provides surface hardness to significantly reduce drill burrs.


  • Reduced cost per hole drilled with higher hit counts
  • Increased stack heights while drilling
  • Excellent drill cleaning
  • Better hole wall results
  • Lower overall drilling costs


Thickness 2.50 mm +/- 10% 0.098″
Density ≥ 800kg/m3
Surface Hardness ≥ 72 Shore D
Warp ≤ 0.9%
Sizes 940 x 1245 mm 37 x 49″
1041 x 1245 mm 41 x 49″
1092 x 1245 mm 43 x 49″
510 x 610 mm 20 x 24″


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