Apex LS

Apex LS

Best Yielding Lubricated Aluminum Entry Sheet

Consistency and reliability in the manufacturing of our Aluminum ensures consistency in the drilling of circuit boards and our material is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

APEX LS Lubricated Aluminum Entry panels are available in .0079″ and .0055″ thickness, any size and any tooling specifications needed to suit a circuit board manufacturers specific needs.

The general rule of thumb for drill entry selection is based on the smallest diameter holes that are routinely processed. Ideally, entry thickness should not exceed the diameter of the smallest drill used. By optimizing entry thickness to drill diameter, breakage rates can be reduced.

  • Allows for increased stack height, thus increasing drill capacity and machine utilization / efficiency.
  • Significantly improves quality of drilled holes, particularly micro hole drilling required to manufacture todays demanding PCB designs.

Highly Accurate Cool Running Entry Material

Apex LS has been developed such that the surface of the aluminum has Hard, Medium and Soft variances of hardness on the drill entry surface.

This, combined with an optimized aluminum treatment, allows the drill bit to “Center” on the target location with extreme accuracy.


  • Cools the drill bit to reduce the risk of smearing and resin buildup that can clog drill flutes and reduce debris evacuation
  • Heat dissipation due to the cooling effect of aluminum
  • Reduces the chance of ‘oil canning’ and burrs
  • Environmentally friendly – Material is recyclable, reducing overall cost
  • Protects the circuit board from surface damage during drilling and handling
  • Excellent locational accuracy


Typical Physical Properties

Product Lubricant Thickness Aluminum Thickness Total Thickness
Apex LS .007″ 0.0019″ 0.0059″ 0.0079″
Apex LS .005″ 0.0015″ 0.0039″ 0.0055″

The thermal dissipation and Lubrication Properties significantly extend drill life, process capability and hole wall quality. Apex LS has a cooler operating Temperature compared to Common NA Entry materials.


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