MUSA Solid Aluminum Entry

Solid Aluminum for Drilling

MUSA Solid Aluminum Entry is available in .007″, and .010″ thicknesses. It is produced from 99.998% aluminum (highest grade) for specific use as drilling entry material. Heat dissipation characteristics are excellent, resulting in reduced drill wear and minimizing heat related hole defects.

MUSA Solid Aluminum Entry offers many advantages for the user:
Cross Section

  • 3003 H19 Hardness rating
  • Reduces burring as a result of alloy/hardness
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable
  • Excellent locational accuracy
  • Best economical choice

MUSA Solid Aluminum Entry is available in any panel size and any tooling configuration.

MUSA Solid Aluminum Entry used in conjunction with MUSA Cool White Backup .093 offers the most economical/quality combination of any drilling products.

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Sunil Shah

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