Message from Robert


Message from the Director, Flexible Circuit Materials

Thin, light, compact and durable lead the design trends for consumer, transportation and industrial electronic products. Flexible circuits are increasingly being used in today’s electronics to reach these design goals. They allow thinner and lighter products that accommodate dynamic functions and complex shapes. Flexible circuits can also be populated with components and folded into the shape of your product. They can be strategically cut and shaped into any 3D shape, cube, cylinder, ball etc. The options are limitless!

Matrix offers a complete flexible circuit materials product line and is fast becoming the preferred supplier in our market. The foundation of our line is the Panasonic Felios adhesiveless copper clad laminates. The Felios product line provides industry leading quality and performance and includes the largest selection of thin copper and thin polyimide substrates. Matrix now provides complete coverlay and bond-ply solutions and will soon be providing adhesive based copper clad laminates. In the past year Matrix has dramatically increased our stock of these materials at our four strategically located warehouses in North America to enhance our support of customer QTA requirements. We have aggressive growth plans for our flex materials product line with a conversion center
now completed at our Santa Clara warehouse to enhance our quick turn capability and to provide custom flexible copper laminate sizes.



Robert Berg
Director, Flexible Circuit Materials
Matrix Electronics Limited